Can I build my own website using a drag and drop tool?

Register Event sets up all websites and registration forms.
All content is submitted to Register Event via a content upload form.
Your website will be setup within 1 - 3 working days depending on the size and urgency of your RSVP website.
You can have access via a frontend builder to update your content pages if required once your website has been built.
We do not give access to editing registration forms, however, you can edit registration entries.

Is there a setup fee and how often do I pay it?

Yes, it is a once off setup fee per website.
If it is an annually recurring event, and the content or the URL needs to be changed, we rebuild the site.
Different fees apply to different size registration sites.
We have a menu of service offerings to cater to every need here.
You only pay for what you use.

Do you accept free and paid event registrations?


Is there a charge for free events and tickets?

Yes.  There is an additional fee if you use our payment gateway for paid events.

How are your quotes calculated, do you charge per website or per registration?

Please request a quote, all our sites are custom built and you only pay for the addons you utilise on your registration site.
We do charge per delegate registration. 
On a single page RSVP we charge for a minimum of 40 registrations.
On a full website (5 pages or more of content) there is no minimum number of delegate registrations.

Does the system work on a credits basis?

No, we quote you based on your individual requirements.  
Number of webpages, forms (registration / feedback / abstract etc), expected registrations, bulk email communications, SMS's, calldowns and onsite requirements.


What does it cost to white label the software?

We do not offer a White Label solution.
All our sites are custom built to your specific needs/branding.
The only branding referring to us on the site is the support link and this is also optional.

Can I duplicate my event for next year?

Yes you can but we will still need to update the information and we find that it is usually faster and cheaper to rebuild the entire site unless it is just a few words, please contact us for a comparative quote between the two sites.

Does the software have multi-language capacity?

Under normal circumstances no, but we do offer language conversion on our websites for any required languages.

How long will the registration site remain live for after the event?

One year after the event.
The site will be made live again on request thereafter for a limited period.


Can the site be password protected (closed) / not found on a Google search?

Our sites are set to not be indexed by search engines as a standard.
Sites and or pages/sections of sites can be closed down with a password. 

Is social login offered?


What type of event websites can be setup?

We custom build mobile responsive websites to your specific needs and therefore offer:
Single Page RSVP forms.
Multi-page Incentive, Conference, Event, Sports, Wedding, Golf etc. registration sites.
Multi-event (single page RSVP sites) that are great for organisations that showcase all their events on one landing page.
Events that provide free and sellable tickets.

Is the content mobile responsive?

Furthermore, you can choose if you want to display different content on the website vs mobile devices.

Is there an integrated mobile app for attendees?

No, however, the system is mobile responsive and we can showcase different pages on mobile versus web.
Our sites can function as progressive web apps, although, should a native mobile app be required we can outsource this service.

Can registration be embedded into any website? 

Yes, via an iframe, or, we will provide you with the URL for your “Register Now” button.
No widgets are required.

Do you offer artwork design and custom fonts?

Artwork design - Yes, we assist with header design for the website and all bulk communications.  Should you require additional design, please discuss your requirements with us.

Custom fonts - No, we do not design custom fonts.


What size does my website header need to be?

The width needs to be 1600 pixels and recommended height 400 pixels, however, any height is acceptable. If you know that many of your users will be using Apple devices with retina screens then it's always better to increase your image resolution to match the screens. 
If we are setting up a scrolling site for you, please ensure that you provide images for each section break of your website. 
Example site 

Can widgets and buttons be customised?


Is it possible to upload files via the registration process / photographs (e.g. Proof of ID, air ticket) 

Yes, delegates can upload during registration.
Event coordinators can upload on the backend additional documentation which can be dispatched as travel documentation.

Can multiple items be booked simultaneously i.e. sessions, workshops, activities, dinners?


Does the system have meeting room management (capacity, availability, layout, setup)?

Yes we can offer this feature in various ways.

Can the maximum capacity for sessions/rooms be specified?


Can abstract submissions be submitted?

Yes we offer basic and advanced abstract submission functionality.

Can visa invitation letters be generated via the system for delegates?

Yes we can set them up for both manual and automatic sending.

Can (CPD)  certificates of attendance be created?

Yes, these certificates of attendance can be generated and sent in bulk after the event based on onsite check-in records.
CPD Accreditation etc is the responsibility of the event organiser.

Is there a waitlist facility?

Yes, confirming delegates off the waitlist and sending notifications needs to be done manually

Can 1-on-1 appointments be scheduled in diaries?


Does the system distinguish between the ticket buyer and the person attending the event in case they are not the same person?

Yes, if required. 

Can different rates and offers be scheduled?


Can discount codes be created?

Yes, free, individual and group codes can be setup.

Can the system manage group bookings?

It depends on how we setup your individual system.
In some instances yes.

Can allocated seating be sold, including different pricing tiers?

It depends on how we set up your system for you.
In some instances yes.

Can merchandise be sold in registration system?

Yes, either in the registration form or in a separate merchandise form.

Can terms and conditions be added and accepted at time of RSVP?

Yes, we set up the system so that the delegate cannot submit their registration unless they accept the terms & conditions.
You also have the option to insert the T&C at the start or at the end of the registration process.

Do you offer a recap page of information submitted before submitting registration?

Yes, delegates can also click in the page headings to quickly go to the correct page, update their registration information and then skip to the end.

Can a confirmation of booking be sent via email?

Yes and the text can be customised.
We also add in iCal's (add to calendar) as an additional reminder.

Are polls and surveys available on the system?

Yes both with a separate reporting system.


Does the system support bulk emails?

Yes, there are a few options available:

Register Event will create the marketing campaigns and invitations and distribute them on your behalf .

Register Event can also create custom mailers such as visa letters, invoices, confirmation of travel arrangements and any other mailer which work on a mail merge utilising information from the registration form or information which has been uploaded to the backend by the event organiser.  The event organiser can then dispatch the custom-built campaigns to selected delegates in bulk sends or individually.

There is also a built-in feature whereby the event organiser can create messages that are sent to ALL in a bulk send who have registered.  This is useful in the event that a bulk message needs to be broadcasted.

What size does my email header need to be?

The email header needs to be supplied in the following size: 600 pixels wide x 150 pixels high

Does the system restrict emails communications to templates?

We allow custom email invites, however, recommend that you keep them simple for a higher deliverability rate
Text on white background
Footer - if required

All our emails are converted to HTML and personalised

Are emails personalised?

Yes and we furthermore pre-populate the registration form with any information that you provide us with.
All information needs to be provided in excel.
One item of information per column - i.e. First Name in column A, Surname in column B, 1 email address in column C and so forth.

Can event reminders be scheduled for sending?

We set up timelines for all event communications at the time of brief and schedule the ending of all communications
Additional communications can be sent to new delegates that were not on original lists 

Do you offer smart communications for RSVP?

Yes, we offer both SMS and call downs.

Does the system provide reports?

We provide reports for our bulk sends for invitations, reminders, aide memoires, thank you's and surveys or any other bulk send that was sent using our bulk mailing system.

No reports are provided for sending from our backend (free system), however, we are able to advise if emails were delivered.

Can event coordinators send their own bulk mails from the dashboard?

We have two additional bulk communications systems in our backend for your convenience.

Send a quick "same bulk notification" to the entire RSVP'd group
This can be a quick message about what to pack or about a weather warning etc. but needs to apply to the entire group that is attending  
We can set up this feature for you free of charge.

Send personalised notifications that have been prebuilt by Register Event.
These notifications can merge any fields from the registration form into the notification.
The event coordinator can select who needs to receive these notifications and send individually or apply to multiple delegates and do a bulk send.
An additional charge will be levied per notification setup.
There is no charge to send.

Can Register Event assist with whitelisting our domain so we have a higher email deliverability rate?

Yes, put us in touch with your IT department so we can send through our IP ranges.
Where needed we also assist with additional DKIM setup etc.


Can event coordinators integrate their own preferred payment gateway?

Yes, we prefer this and then only charge a setup fee per gateway per event registration site.
We currently integrate with PayPal and Payfast.
Should you require an alternative payment gateway, please discuss this with us so we can confirm if we able to plugin with your gateway.

Do you pay a monthly or annual fee for setup of the gateway?

We charge a once off setup fee per gateway per registration site.

What is the pricing structure for events that require payment collection utilising Register Event payment gateways?

In addition to the payment gateway/s setup fee, transactions attract an additional 5.5% (plus VAT) of the transaction value.
Any additional fees charged by the bank will be passed onto the client based on all the current charged fees.
The additional relevant fees can be found at and 
The client is responsible to calculate all the correct selling rates including all applicable fees.
Register Event does not take any responsibility for loss of revenue for incorrectly advertised rates on the website.

Which forms of payment do Register Events payment gateways accept?

Payfast accepts:
Credit cards - MasterCard and Visa
Debit cards - Visa Electron and Maestro
Instant EFT

Paypal accepts:
Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard or American Express 
Debit card: displaying the Visa or MasterCard logo

Can you choose to pass on the transaction fees to the delegate?

Yes, we can include the fee in the total or show it as a ticketing or admin fee etc.

What is the average time for funds to be paid out if we use the Register Event payment gateway?

48-72 hours depending on the gateway that is being utilised.
Each transaction will attract a fee of R250 (incl. VAT) per transaction.
Batch payments will be made on prearranged dates.

Can you accept offline payments (EFT/Cash)

We usually give our clients full control of their payments.
Should you wish to accept cash or EFT, we can indicate your company banking details and a payment reference on your automated invoice.

How long is the contract?

We do not do contracts.
Clients who have come to us with their year event planner receive a sliding scale discount on each event we setup.

Are payment terms negotiable? 

In the event that payment terms are required, this needs to be negotiated prior to commencement of site build or onsite registration booking.  

As per our T&C our standard payment terms are as follows:

Registration sites
50% on quote acceptance
A further 25% when site goes live
Balance of payment 1 week post event

Onsite registration
50% on quote acceptance
Balance is required 48 working hours prior to the event

Can you specify the VAT/tax rate and is this amount shown clearly on the invoice and in the registration process?


Can the VAT/tax rate change based on delegate country of origin?


Is the invoice or receipt automated?

Yes, there is an automated pro forma invoice on completion of registration.
A receipt will need to be custom setup which will need to be dispatched manually once payment has been received.

Can the invoice and receipt be customised?


Who processes refunds?

The event coordinator will need to process refunds.
On some of our system setups, there is a refund dashboard that keeps track of all payments and refunds.

Can partial refunds be processed?

If the event organiser is refunding, any amount can be refunded.
On some of our system setups, there is a payments and refund dashboard.

Can international currencies and payments accepted?

Yes, we accept all currencies offered by PayPal which are then converted into local currency.

Can multiple currencies be accepted within one single event?


Can donations be accepted during the registration process?



Can the event itinerary, agenda, schedule be visible on the registration site/page?

Yes, you can choose where (mobile, web or both) and when you wish to make it visible.
You can also offer it as a download or email with confirmation of registration as a printout.

Is it possible to serve up event schedules and specific content according to the attendee type?


Can travel options be showcased for attendees to book?

Yes, both free and paying with or without limits.

Can room blocks be managed at hotels?

Yes, confirmed hotel allocations need to be emailed to us in order for this service offering to be setup.
We can offer this for one or multiple hotels.
In some instances if there are too many hotels with too many room type offerings it slows the system down too much and we need to change how we offer the hotel reservation system.  This is usually if there are more than 5 hotels with more than 4 room types per hotel for more than 3 nights at each hotel.
Please contact us to discuss further.
This is not via an API.

Can live/real-time accommodation management be offered?

Yes, if there is a blocked allocation with the accommodations concerned.
This is not via an API.

Can items such as conference rooms, activities, flights, accommodation have limits?

They can also show numbers remaining for any delegates still registering.
In the backend, when an item or delegate is cancelled, the item is released back into the inventory.

Can confirmed flight/travel details be added against a delegate profile/registration?

Yes, upload buttons can be added to your backend as required for document uploads.
The event coordinator can then upload documents such as air ticket, accommodation voucher/s, insurance etc.
We can then custom build your confirmation emails and when they are dispatched documents will be emailed to delegates.

Can delegates book a time slot / scheduling a meeting?

Yes for pre-defined appointment slots. 
No for individual meeting management ie: X books 10:00 with Y and Y books a 12:00 with A.


Does the system offer any functionality for project management?

Register Event is a platform for custom event registration and unfortunately does not offer any built-in event management solutions.

Is a venue searching and RFP tool offered? 


Is there a module to manage event staffing?

Should you require event staffing, please contact us as we have over 2000 event staff at our disposal in South Africa - ZASHA

Is there a quick way to share catering timings?

We can set it that all special catering request automatically forward directly to the supplier concerned on submission of individual registrations.

Can venue notes or BOE (Banquet Event Order) sheet be created?


Can details and notes be kept for equipment and setup?


Does the system enable custom designed floor plans or table/seating plans?

Images of floor plans can be loaded into the registration process to allow those booking to see where they would like to book/sit. These 'seats' are then selected via the registration/booking form. Once a seat has been booked, it is removed as an option for future booking.
Seating plans - Yes


What will your URL be?

It will be a sub domain of Register Event.  i.e.
You are able to choose your own "youreventname".

What if the domain already exists or you require our own domain registration?

If the domain already exists, please specify this at the time you request your quote as a slightly longer setup time may be required as we will need to request a ticket for the domain to be transferred.

If no domain exists, we can register the domain for you or you can register the domain yourself and provide us with cpanel login information.

With both of the above scenarios, the setup is approximately an additional 2 weeks over and above our normal setup time.

Can social media sharing buttons be added?

Yes, social media sharing buttons can be set up, however, we do not manage any of the content.
In the event that content management is required as an additional service, we can outsource this.

Can the system prompt attendee to share to social media?

This can be setup if required.

Does the tool offer CRM integration?

Please contact us to see whether we are able to accommodate your CRM.


In what format are registration lists exported?

CSV or Excel

Can smart links be set up to share with clients and team members without wider authorisation?


Is our system easy to navigate, making changes to content and editing registration profiles?

Backend: all delegate entries are editable and allow sending of an updated confirmation of registration.
Frontend: all pages (except registration form) are editable by the event organiser in an easy to use webpage editor.

Are delegates able to update their registration information?

Yes, we call this a login system.
Each delegate will require a unique username and password.
This will need to be set up before the system goes live.

Can event stats and reports be accessed?

Yes, but this needs to be setup before the system goes live

Do you support customised reports?


Is it possible to upload files via the registration process / photographs (e.g. Proof of ID, air ticket) 

Yes, delegates can upload during registration.
Event coordinators can upload on the backend additional documentation which can be dispatched as travel documentation.

Is there a waitlist facility?


Are polls and surveys available on the system?

Yes both with a separate reporting system.


Can sponsorship packages be showcased on the site and be available for purchase?

Yes, they can be packaged in the various categories.
Payment can be made via EFT or payment gateway.

Can sponsors be visible on the website?


Can sponsors update their profiles or listings?


Can exhibition booth packages be purchased on the website?

We recommend two to three prepackaged booth options.
The add furniture and AV items as optional items.

Can exhibitor listing be shown on the website?

Yes with a link back to their own webpage.

Can exhibitors select booth space online? Does the system support floor plan management for real-time availability?


Can shareholders allocate and book passes and tickets for staff and guests?

In this case, we set up 'coupon' codes with varying amount discounts or percentage based discounts that can be used by shareholders. These can be personalised to the shareholder, single use, multiple uses or stackable. 
This way, the registration process remains the same while allowing for preferential freebies or discounts. 

Can website traffic/interest be monitored and reports generated for sponsors/exhibitors?

This can be set up if needed.

Are exhibitors able to capture leads on the day of the event?



Payment Terms for Onsite Registration

50% payment is required on acceptance of quote.
The balance of payment is required 48 working hours prior to event or each individual event in the case of a roadshow.

Cancellation Terms for Onsite Registration

50% cancellation fee will apply if the event is cancelled less than 48 hours from scheduled commencement time.
100% of travel costs incurred will be billed for if event is cancelled.

Do we offer onsite registration and check-in?


Types of onsite check-in offered

Onsite kiosk registrations are managed and invoiced by our sister company “Crowdstream”

  • New technology in South Africa arriving end January 2019.
  • Self-service or assisted registration kiosks that offer scan a barcode or QR code or facial recognition with on-demand live badging, attendee tracking and lead retrieval to mention a few of the service offerings.

All standard registrations are managed by Register Event

  • Conventional registration with laptop and printer (with handheld scanners and front-facing screens – optional) set up at a desk or inside an exhibition registration booth.
Are self-service kiosks available?

Yes, but we still have an event manager/s on-site.

Setup and Kiosk Branding

A plug/power point at each registration station.
Stanchion setup to queue arriving delegates.
We will provide a floorplan for the venue.
Staff dressing and makeup room if there is a large crew and makeup needs to be done.
Parking for all registration crew.
Water and the same meals you provide for your own crew if onsite for more than 4 hours.

Standard Registration
Registration setup will commence setup 1-2 hours prior to event which is complimentary.
Kindly ensure registration booths/desks for equipment are set up at least 2 hours prior to event commencement.
Client to supply all registration booths/desks/chairs for on onsite registration /printers/handouts etc.

Client is to provide all branding at registration stations

Kiosk Registration
Setup will commence 1 hour prior to event which is complimentary.   Kiosks take 5-10 minutes to assemble.
If there are any handouts, the client is to supply desks for the layout of items which need to be within easy reach of kiosks.

If kiosks need to be branded, we will supply you with a quote for the number of kiosks required at your event.

Types of Consumables

Paper Badges - Standard Registration
We utilise paper badges for all on on website registrations due to the huge drive on saving our planet from plastic pollution
Our standard recommended size is A6 – 14cm x 10cm
We utilise a 330g matt white board
Not water resistant
Can pre print standard conference agenda on back
For smaller conferences we can personalise agendas whilst delegates wait
Will add an additional approximate 20 seconds to registration time
Our on website printing consumables will include an additional 20% for errors/walk-in
Printable consumables are pre-printed in bulk, full colour and overprinted on onsite in black, unless otherwise specified in quote
No refunds will be given for unutilised pre-printed name badges
Check –in time: Approximately 20-30 seconds

Paper Badges - Kiosk Registration
Water resistant
All paper badges are printed on demand and each print is billed
Paper badges are available in plain paper and non tear paper
Each badge can be 100% personalised with agenda
Can advertise on back of badges as an extra income revenue stream
The standard sizes are: Large 13.4 x 9.7 cm or Medium 8.5 x 9.7
Check-in time: Approximately 12-15 seconds

Print at home badges/tickets
We offer a print at home badge that delegates can print out and bring to the event
Standard agenda can be on reverse of badge
Further instructions can be inserted on the page for the delegate
Tickets and badges can be scanned at venue for access control

On demand wristband printing on kiosk registration system only
Wristbands can be personalised with access control
Check-in time: Approximately 12-15 seconds

Whilst we don’t encourage plastic at events, these can be provided where required. See recycling below
Various pouch sizes are available and custom sizes can be made up with sufficient lead time
Please consult with us to ensure if kiosk paper badges fit in pouches
Lead time for standard pouches is 3 working days, if pouches are in stock
The badges printed on the kiosk have 2 options. Paper and non tear paper. We do not recommend you use pouches with these badges
Are leftover pouches are non refundable

Lead time is 7-10 working days
Client to provide artwork or logos
All leftover lanyards are non refundable

Do you offer pre-printed name badges?

All graphics for name badges to be provided at least 48 working hours prior to the event
All name tags will be printed exactly as per information captured by the registrant.
Should an Excel import be provided, kindly ensure content is 100% accurate.
We will not be held liable for spelling errors and incorrect cases etc.
No refunds will be given in the event of unused pre-printed name badges (where ordered).

Do the name badges and tickets display a QR or barcode for quick onsite check-in?

Yes tickets always.
QR and barcodes will only be integrated into name badges if attendance or lead tracking is required.

Is on-demand badge/ticket/wristband printing supported onsite?


Can smart badges or event wristbands be used with the system?

Our printers can print personalised wristbands on demand.
We do not offer smart badges, however, we rent out leadpods for scanning of delegate barcodes or QR codes.
We can recommend suppliers that offer alternatives to smart badges that capture delegate information.

Do you offer print at home tickets?


Can agendas be printed on the back of tickets?


Can event managers design their own badges directly from the system?

Register Event will design your name badge/ticket/wristband.
Thereafter, they can be printed from the system after a registration has been completed.

Do we offer pouches with our name badges?

We are on a very big drive to save our oceans and planet from plastic pollution and do not recommend plastic pouches.
The high-quality badge will be clipped directly onto a lanyard unless requested otherwise.

At all our events, recycling bins will be provided at exits for name badges.
These will be recycled at our expenses for a sustainable future.

Is facial recognition technology supported? 

Yes, if delegates opt-in during registration.
Wait time per delegate is 8 seconds.

How does facial recognition registration work?

Crowdstream is the first company in South Africa to offer this onsite registration service.
No more bottlenecking at registration desks.
Simply upload a selfie or recent photo during registration.
Arrive at event and go to kiosk indicting “Register with facial recognition”Look in camera, confirm this is you and receive your badge.
Check-in time: Approximately 7-8 seconds.

Onsite Inspection and WiFi Testing

Register Event requires an onsite visit at least 2 days prior to the event.
Wifi and/or 4G/LTE signal testing is required during the onsite visit.
Wifi will be provided for the duration of the event registration and will be bill according to consumption. An estimate will be provided at the time of quote.During the onsite visit setup and final requirements of registration area will be discussed.


The quote includes a minimum of 1 onsite manager for the full duration of the event.
The onsite staffing rates are for a minimum of 4 hours per person.
If staff are required for longer, we bill per hour thereafter.
Staff wear all black uniforms at corporate events.
At golf days, staff wear Register Event branded golf shirts and jeans unless requested otherwise.
The client is welcome to provide uniforms for staff to wear.
We require sizing at least 2-3 weeks in advance to ensure we recruit the correct staff for the event.

Equipment Rental

We do not rent out registration equipment.
An indemnity form will need to be signed for any scanning equipment that is utilised by client staff.
Standard registration will include laptop and printer.
Scanners and front-facing screens are optional.
Kiosk registration comes standard with front-facing touch screen and keyboard to manage walk-ins, scanner and printer for pre-registered guests.
Facial recognition with a camera is optional.

Data Import and Walk-in Delegate Management

In the event that you did not utilise Register Event registration software and you only require onsite services, we will charge a data import fee of R15 per person if there is no attendee tracking and a minimum R25pp if there if attendee tracking.
The quote will be based on sessions required.
If walk-ins are expected a simple RSVP system will be set up and quoted accordingly for the additional delegates.

Are Beacons/NFC/RFID capability offered?

We are currently phasing this in and will be 100% onboard by March 2019

Do you able to collect outstanding registration and other fees onsite?

Yes, this needs to be arranged in advance.
Cash – foreign we accept (USD/EUR/GBP) and ZAR.
Credit cards – we accept any chipped credit card.

Do we offer cash insurance?

All cash collected is at the risk of the client.

Can a safe be hired for event days for cash safekeeping?

Register Event can assist with the hiring of a safe for any cash collected at registration or the safekeeping of any per diems that need to be distributed.
The safe will be securely stored at the venue.
All cash collected will be moved into the safe several times a day and then moved off-site with a cash in transit company.
All cash removal and depositing fees are for the clients account.

Who removes cash from the venue?

Register Event hires a cash in transit company on behalf of the client.
All foreign cash and ZAR is deposited into a cash bulk centre.
After receipt of foreign invoice for all money collected onsite (cash and credit card transactions) a swift payment will be made offshore.
Approximate processing time is 14 working days after event.

Register Event Travel Expenses

Client to cover all travel costs for out of Johannesburg onsite registration staff.
This is to include: 4* accommodation in twin rooms for same-gender staff, return flights in economy class, entry-level car hire for the full duration (1 vehicle per 4 staff), van where kiosks are used and daily S&T allowance as specified in the quote.
We will include travel expenses in our quote, however, the client is welcome to book our travel on our behalf as part of the conference etc.

A daily rate will be quoted for all international events and will be included in your quote.


What type of support is available on the website?

All support if offered via email, IM and phone. 
Our turnaround time on a query is 24 hours.
We can also offer Live Chat that either Register Event can manage or alternatively the event organiser can manage.
Live chat is available on desktop or mobile app.

What are the average and maximum response times?

6 - 24 hours

Where are your offices based? 

Olivedale, Randburg, South Africa

What timezone do we operate in?

Our normal office hours are Mon - Fri 08:30 - 17:00

Is a dedicated support manager allocated per project?


Is onsite support available?


This FAQ list is part of The Good Event Management Software Guide.

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