Automate your RSVP management with Register Event


We build for you, with you

Functionality & CI brand continuity trump learning yet ‘another drag-and-drop website builder’. You focus on your event, we build what you need.

Reporting, Analytics & Insights

See who was invited, opened, clicked, bounced, unsubscribed and most importantly RSVPd on one dashboard. 

Export what you want, when you want

RSVP data reports are crucial to a successful event. You have full access to all of your registrant data when you need it.


We strive to provide a personalised, flexible and affordable online and onsite event registration suite of solutions that constantly evolve with the way users connect with the internet and interact with their devices


Our team has your events best interests at heart and are equip to quickly adapt during the development and design process to best accommodate the needs of any event.


We have experience with events from 10 - 12000 registrants, which are at their core, 'different beasts'.


We provide full assistance and 1-1 consultations when creating your website so you can be rest-assured that you are building the correct forms to collect accurate data which exports correctly from the moment your site is launched. We understand the ins and outs of the events industry, the constant changes that occur that need to be accommodated on our system eg: privacy (T&Cs and user identity), why participants need to amend their online registration information, the importance of extensive reporting, communication systems (email campaigns), continuity with event theme, corporate identity and intellectual property.


We deliver remarkable service and further develop any additional online registration requirements that your company may need after the site is launched. We build all sites according to your specifications and enable client front-end editing functionality on all multi-page websites after launching

All You need is a browser!

Whether you're on your way to an incentive trip across the globe, or a local conference 'down the road', we know how terrible it is having your devices go missing. For this reason, and many others, we are entirely cloud based. All you need to carry on with your registration management is be connected to the internet and voila, you're back up and running without skipping a beat. 

Login. Update. Export. 

No more paper to waste and more time to focus on what's really important and not spend hours capturing RSVP data by hand.



Our Offering

The following are designed to provide an overview of what we offer, it is, however, not complete, as each site/client/project varies and have different requirements.

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Average Pricing

Single Page
R4 355
Single page
80 registrations (6-10 questions)
1 mailer with HTML
No list cleaning
R54.44 pp
Scrolling Multi Section
R10 370
5 Sections
21 - 30 Questions - 80 registrations max
HTML conversion for 1 mailer
R129,93 pp
Tabbed Multi Page
R8 470
5 Page
21 - 30 Questions - 80 registrations max
HTML conversion for 1 mailer
R105.75 pp

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